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Climate Action

The Birth of Climate Positive Paper

BCP is thrilled to have partnered with One Planet Paper®︎ on its journey to be the first climate positive of its kind in 2021!

According to the European Environmental Paper Network, the paper industry emits as much as 7% of the World’s carbon dioxide emissions. Based out of Tokyo, and with a #greenbanana project in Zambia, One Planet Café has a personal interest in helping to conserve Zambia’s dryland forests in the Luangwa to Lower Zambezi valley, on their quest towards creating a sustainable world for people and the planet.

Find out more about the incredibly cool and exciting Fair Trade Banana Paper – One Planet Paper®︎ on their website.

Don’t offset with us. First, we want you to reduce your emissions, and we will even help advise you along the way. And then, once you’re on your journey to emissions reduction, we will be more than happy to help you offset what emissions remain. Contact us at hello@biocarbonpartners.com and let us help you today!


Chloe Evans

Communication Manager

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