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Climate Finance Brings Clean Water Access to Rural Communities in Zambia

For so many access to clean, safe, and drinkable water is taken for granted. Yet, there are still communities in rural parts of Zambia where it is not so easily available.

Something so basic as limited or no access to clean water is a serious barrier to a fundamental human right, let alone the ability to prosper and grow the local economy.

Climate finance is changing that.

Prisca Kaonga, Ben Village.

The successful drilling of one borehole and the installation of one hand pump in each of the four villages of Ben, Mutonka, Muyobe, and Lumwengo, in Bunda Bunda Chiefdom, Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project, has unlocked safe and easy access to clean water that the villages have never experienced before.

Sinking a borehole in each village, which each household can access alleviates the pressure on each household from having to ensure they have water each day to survive. An act so simple, yet life-changing opens up an entirely new world of possibilities to create income; focus on education and health; and grow as a community.

Mailesi Daka, Mutonka Village.

Mailesi Daka of Mutonka Village enthuses,
“Our lives have changed already in a matter of days. Before, the 15 households in this village walked a 6km round trip to fetch water from the nearest stream. Imagine the time and energy we will now save – young and old – we will all benefit so much! I can put that energy towards selling our produce at the market to make more money for my family”.

Headman Vincent Zakeyo, Lumwengo Village.

Lumwengo Village’s Headman Vincent Zakeyo shares,
“This is the first wet borehole drilled in our village. Attempts have been made before, but with no luck. This is going to change the way that we live. An example of how our livelihoods will be uplifted is now we can keep and look after more livestock because we know we can give them water without walking great distances through the bush with our herds”.

“It is often the job of the women and children to collect water, now they will be free of this lengthy task, and can focus on school and tending to the fields”.

To date, climate finance under REDD+ has created over 107 WASH projects within BCP project areas, including boreholes sunk and toilets built.

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